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Semiconductor Clean Room

Semiconductor Analytical Services (SAS) Inc. is a Silicon Valley company founded in 1985 to support the semiconductor, disk drive, and photovoltaic industries.   We provide analytical services, failure analysis, and equipment to monitor airborne contamination in clean room facilities. We also work in partnership with customers to develop new process technology, identify defects and impurities in materials, and provide manufacturing services for fabless enterprises.
 SAS also supplies high purity process chemicals and a proprietary line of photolithography ancillaries and chemicals for wet cleaning processes.   To further support our customers, in 2014 SAS will open a new production facility and research laboratory at our corporate headquarters in Milpitas, California.
Our mission is to provide your company with excellent services and chemical cleaning solutions.  And we are committed in providing the highest precision and most reliable results in the shortest time.

The following divisions within the company was established in order to provide the following services to semiconductor companies:


1.     Semiconductors Cleaning Solutions

2.     Magnetic Disks Cleaning Solutions

3.     Solar Cells Cleaning Solutions

4.     Semiconductors Analytical Services & Failure Analysis

5.     Monitoring Airborne contamination

6.     Air Sampling Services for Organic, Inorganic & Particles

7.     Analytical Consulting Process

8.     Distribution of Virgin , Semi-Scrub & Test Wafers
        (4", 6", 8" & 12")


About Us

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