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Optical Silicon Wafer Dryer

SAS Optical Silicon Wafer Dryer

The SAS Optical Dryer is a unique system for drying silicon wafers, magnetic disks and electronic parts. It is the only system on the market used for drying fragile high-density electronic devices, especially for very thin fabricated wafers or disks with deep trenches.


The SAS Optical Dryer is a replacement for Spin-Rinse Dryers (SRD), Marangoni Dryers, Vacuum Dryers, and even Spin Solvent Dryers (SSD). The advantages of SAS Optical Dryers are as follow:


  1. Lack of centrifugal forces (used in SRD and SSD). SAS Optical Dryers do not rely on high mechanical centrifugal forces, therefore fragile wafers or disks will be protected against breakage during drying process.

  2. Does not rely on the slow Interface Solvent Dryer process used in drying wafers or disks with Marangoni effects. Advanced technology used in SAS Optical Dryers significantly improves the drying process which increases throughput rates.

  3. Low cost and less labors intensive operation.

  4. Yielding zero water marks; accepting sample sizes of any size and shape; and compatible price structure to available commercial dryers are other advantages of SAS Optical Dryers.

The SAS Optical Dryer is available in single or double chambers with different cassette holders for 4", 6", 8" as well as 12" wafers. Furthermore, these systems are capable of holding round as well as square samples. The SAS Optical Dryer is available as a bench top or free standing system and is ideally suited for use in fabrication facilities with minimum clean room space.

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