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Programmable Air Samplers

Four-Chanel SSI-2000B & Dual-Channel SSI-2100B

SAS Four-Chanel SSI-2000B Semi-Automated Programable Air Sampler

SSI-2000B (Four-Channel) and SSI-2100B (Dual-Channel) semi-automated programmable air samplers are designed to collect air samples from various environments. They provide fast and accurate sample collection in a flexible, easy to use package. As an aid for tracing airborne contamination, they enable the user to analyze air quality in production environments. The multitasking capability of these systems, accompanied with different liquid and solid gas absorption capabilities, sets a new standard for programmable air samplers.


SSI-2000B and SSI-2100B can collect multiple air samples from different locations simultaneously without operator interface. The samples collected can be directly analyzed by IC, ICP-MS, HPLC or GC/MS down to PPT levels of detection of ionic and organic air contaminants.


The multi-function particle collector can provide samples for Liquid Particle Counts (LPC), as well as particle characterization by EDX method. These systems can be also used in hospital operation rooms for measuring airborne bacteria.


These programmable air samplers are designed to perform air sampling for semiconductor and disk drive cleanrooms, chemical production facilities, hospitals, agricultural, petrochemical sites, and other related industries.


  • Fast, simple and precise way to absorb organic and inorganic atmospheric trace contaminants

  • Absorb difficult gases such as NO as well as other corrosive chemicals such as SO2 or organic vapors

  • Capable of absorbing particles for particle counts, size, and characterization by EDX


  • Better than 98% recovery of most gases and particles due to structure of air diffuser and filtering devices

  • Accurate from ppm to ppt level of absorption

  • Multiple sampling ports for up to 4 simultaneous samples. Air quality can be monitored with different absorbent solutions and thermal desorption tubes at different air flow rates to detect concentration levels of various air contaminants.

  • Real time monitoring of pressure, temperature and humidity.

  • Air samples can directly be injected in IC, HPLC, ICP/MS, GC/MS, and LPC without further need for sample pretreatment.


  • Portable and Economical

  • Easily Programmed to provide comprehensive air samplesImprove quality of products and drastically improve yields

  • Provide a fast way to identify sources of airborne contamination

  • Monitor factory emissions for regulatory compliance

  • Excellent for monitoring air filter efficiency in cleanrooms

  • Samples can be injected directly to your existing analytical systems for immediate analysis. Achieve maximum efficiency and eliminate the need for additional or dedicated systems

Detectable Sources of Contamination

Corrosives Gas, Vapor, and Particles

  • Inorganics:  

  • Organics: Acetic Acid, Formic Acid, DOP, Hydrocarbons, Amines, etc

  • Bacteria

  • Particles: Al, Si, Ni, Cu, etc.

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