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High Purity Chemical Blending Services

Ultra High Purity Custom Chemical Blending SAS

SAS: Your total solution for blending and packaging high purity process chemicals

SAS Chemical Blending Services produces high purity, contamination-free chemicals to exact customer specifications. SAS has a high level of expertise in specialty chemicals used by leading technology companies in the semiconductor, disk drive, solar and lithium battery industries. SAS offers customers a total solution, from the formulation of new products and custom blending of cutting-edge process chemicals, to sub-ppb purification of commercial electronic grade chemicals.  Process parameters and testing are fully documented and customer trade secrets are protected by Confidentiality Agreement. Research and development services are also offered.

SAS Lab Staff Observing chemical blending

Capacity Exceeds 12,000 Gallons Per Shift

SAS is able to produce 12,000 gallons per-day/shift, or 18,000 gallons in two shifts.  Each batch is blended in a dedicated tank and filtration system to prevent cross contamination, and process control is automated to achieve batch-to-batch uniformity.

Packaging Options:

1 US Gallon HDPE Bottles, 4x / Carton
55 gallon HDPE Drums

Techniques Used to Achieve High Purity Production-Worthy Process Chemistry 

SAS analytical laboratory continuously monitoring product quality
  • High-end filtration

  • Distillation

  • Ion Exchange

  • Ion Suppression

Prior to packaging, solutions are filtered several times in 0.02 micron filters. In our distillation process, solutions are purified in fractional distillation units with a minimum of 1-million theoretical plates. And solvents with low inorganic ions are passed through an ion exchange resin to remove most trace heavy metals and their counter anionic species.  Our ion membrane process removes contaminants by using a proprietary suppression technique.

Comprehensive analytical testing aids production, verifies that products meet specification

Our in-house analytical laboratory performs multiple tests during production to ensure that the final product is within specification and meets the purity levels required by customers.  The laboratory is fully equipped to offer a wide spectrum of materials analysis, micro-contamination analysis and materials characterization using advanced analytical equipment and methods capable of measurements down to sub-ppb levels.

  • Ion Chromatography – identifies and determines levels of ion contamination  (chlorides, sulfates and nitrates)

  • ICP/MS and ICP/OES – detects and identifies trace metals

  • Liquid Particle Count (LPC) -- identifies number and size of particles in solution

  • Gas Chromatography, FTIR and UV/Vis – identifies trace organic contamination / % purity of organic solvents

  • PH meter -- measures pH of solutions

  • Conductivity meter -- identifies concentration of soluble ions in solutions and solvents

  • Tensiometer -- measures surface tension of solution

Please let us know how we can help you

SAS has the expertise and capabilities to produce the exact process chemicals you need, whether it is forlab-scale quantities or full production.  We invite you to visit our Silicon Valley facility in Milpitas, CA, or call us for a consultation at (408)768-7773, email:

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